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The TEK Robotic Mobilisation Device (TEK RMD) manufactured by Matia Robotics is not just another wheelchair alternative - it's a brand new mobility platform that completely rethinks the way individuals with paraplegia and other walking disabilities are able to move in the world. This system is now exclusively available in the UK from Anatomical Concepts (UK) Ltd.  The ability to independently and safely sit, stand, and navigate indoor environments that were once inaccessible is now available with this unique device.

TEK Robotic Mobility Device

OK - it's not really child's play but it is so simple to use and so practical. 
A new standing and mobility concept  from Matia Robotics now available in the UK and Ireland from Anatomical Concepts (UK) Ltd
The TEK RMD device brings practical, healthy standing and convenient indoor mobility to persons with paralysis. 
A great use of robotics at an affordable price.

When you really think about it, what can people with paralysis not do?  Well getting around is not a massive issue thanks to the wheelchair.  They need to stand more - and when they want to - without assistance - and continue to stand to perform some functions with hands free and a bonus would be with some mobility included.

Robotics has brought a little bit of excitement and future promise to rehabilitation. But we live our lives in the present day and some robotic choices purport to do everything but achieve little - at a high price.

The Tek Robotic Mobility Device delivers real, practical benefits today at a down-to-earth price. Watch this client showing off the functionality of his new Tek RMD.

 Anatomical Concepts (UK) Ltd are pleased to be working with MATIA ROBOTICS to bring the Tek RMD to the UK and Ireland.


What's a Tek RMD?

First UK deliveries have taken place

The Tek RMD is a 21st Century re-think of the wheelchair. It takes up less space, is easier to manoeuvre and brings lots of health and practical benefits.  Here is an example how you might use it.  Suppose you are sitting on a bed or a chair. You might then want to

  1. Summon the device to come to you with the remote control

  2. Get on board the device safely from the back - no awkward or dangerous transfers

  3. Stand up on your own by pulling on the handlebars - just the right amount of help from the system

  4. Move around your indoor environment whilst standing.

  5. Hands are free whilst you stand.

  6. Want something on that low shelf? No problem squeeze the lever, push with your arms and lower yourself to just the right height.  Just pull to stand once more.

  7. Get on with your life

A completely new concept blending health giving standing, mobility and hands-free convenience - much more than a wheelchair alternative

Board from the Back


Wheelchairs are very practical but they do have limitations.  One of the main problems of using any wheelchair of any type is that you have to get into it from the front - and that means transferring somehow. 

This can be a challenge and is often difficult for many disabled persons - especially without assistance.

With the Tek RMD the user can call the device over and board safely and securely from its back - and dismount from it just as easily.

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Get Upright

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Following a spinal cord injury standing is recommended as a daily exercise for long term health.

However, existing devices for achieving standing are either limited to just this and are bulky, or very slow to use and require too much effort. 

In contrast, it is very quick and easy to stand up and sit down with the Tek RMD. You can even drop down and pick items from the floor.  And what's more, with the Tek RMD you are not stuck in one spot.

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Stand Tall


There are standing-wheelchair like devices that can move while standing up, but they usually cannot lift their users into a fully upright position.

In contrast, Tek RMD holds the user in an upright position that is optimised for the user, whilst leaving his or her hands free.

This hands-free position makes it possible for the user to reach around and perform tasks comfortably in environments that are typically not set up for people with physical disabilities.

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Move in your Environment

Wheelchairs can be practical but they also have limitations.  Sometimes narrow spaces defeat mobility and of course how do you reach those higher items in the office or home?

The Tek RMD is a remarkably small, motorized standing movement device. It is only 15.6" wide and 29.5" long (39.5 cm X 75 cm).  It covers only one third of the space of a small wheelchair so users can pass through many narrow spaces which they can never pass through with a wheelchair.  They can also reach places in their home and offices, which is not possible with any other device.

Despite its narrow dimensions, Tek RMD is an exceptionally well-balanced device.  It grabs the users from the balance points and prevents any misuse or unwanted movements that would result in a loss of balance. Correct standing position and balance are preserved at all times. Read More >